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Population density (current & perspecive)
Retail Geo DataBase
Professional web mapping service with background maps & layers control
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place-R is the powerful instrument for Developers, Retailers, Courier or other service, that combines quality data, functionality and means of visualization. You will get the unique opportunity to explore the area to figure out the population coverage as well as competitive environment totally for free, and enrich the location study with additional powerful functionality.


It's all about the DATA!

Population density map is created based on classification of build-up areas using satellite images and following geostatistical analysis. Retail geo DataBase is the integrated data collected from different sources and maintained on every day basis to keep it relevant. Content of the data will be enriched.


Professional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used for the entire process, starting from the collection of initial raw data up to publishing the final map solution.

Professional Cloud technology in combination with Open Source solutions is used to store, manipulate and visualize the data.


Most retailers need to understand the profile of inhabitants for a
specific coverage area, both for assessing the potential of new
stores, and for adjusting the assortment of existing ones. For online
retail, such data can also be used for more effective promotion.

place-R has developed a method for conducting a standardized
survey by means of Facebook.

Inhabitants profile

Catchment area study is an important input for site's potential estimation, as well as in the framework of network planning / optimization process for trade, service or logistics facilities. The results are presented in the form of an interactive map with authorized access.

  • Define the coverage area (cardrive accessibility)

  • Statistics of population coverage

  • Calculation of market saturation

Location analysis

Spatial analysis of sales data and / or marketing research results makes it possible to determine the volume and market share in a specific area.

  • analyze sales in space

  • evaluate promotions

  • target online advertising in social networks, Google Ads, Youtube and outdoor advertising based on Your client's location

Sales data analytics

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